On 19.12.19 17:03, Michał Górny wrote:
>> B) Introduce USE flag "system-expat" to CMake similar to existing
>>    flag "system-jsoncpp", have it off by default, keep reminding
>>    CMake upstream to update their bundle
>> [..]
> It violates the policy on bundled libraries.

Same for the dev-util/cmake-bootstrap approach, right?

>  What's worse, the awful
> USE flags solution means that most of the Gentoo devs end up using
> bundled libraries just because people are manually required to figure
> out what to do in order to disable them.

I didn't say that it's perfect :)  It's the same approach that we have
have with the system-jsoncpp USE flag already so that was considered
good enough at some point in the past.  I guess we want the same for
Expat and jsoncpp?  Which alternative do you see as better than a new
flag system-expat?



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