Thanks everyone for your thoughts so far!

>From what I heard, these two options seem realistic to me:

A) Ask the KDE team for help with teaming up on a new package
   dev-util/cmake-bootstrap, keep it in sync with dev-util/cmake,
   make sure both packages co-exists with full disjoint operation,
   i.e. zero file conflicts + zero cross package file usage (tricky?).

B) Introduce USE flag "system-expat" to CMake similar to existing
   flag "system-jsoncpp", have it off by default, keep reminding
   CMake upstream to update their bundle

I favor (B) by more than just a bit.  Does anyone have strong concerns
against moving in the dev-util/cmake[-system-expat] (B) direction?  Is
it acceptable if I make those changes to the CMake ebuild myself?

Thanks again


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