[2020-03-27 01:16:43+0000] Samuel Bernardo:
> 2) For snapd I need to load previously the remote repositories
> dependencies into a tar.gz that need to be stored in ebuild files. This
> is ugly, I know, but there is no distfiles trusted repository
> alternative where I can place them.
> As a workaround, I could create gitlab or github repository and use git
> lfs to upload the artifacts that need to be loaded (since I didn't know
> any free Artifactory or NexusOSS repositories community supported). Then
> use the provided url to download the files.

Couldn't the snapd_${PV}.vendor.tar.xz available in 
work in your case to avoid downloading tarballs?
And probably consider using go-modules.eclass, which can also allow
packaging when there is no vendoring done by the upstream by just
cut(1)'ing the content of go.sum

And I'm not so sure why you want to apparently host a tarball?
Maybe you're not aware that SRC_URI accepts multiple tarballs? And 
btw you strongly should only use upstream URLs in it, they don't
need to be mirrored in distfiles.gentoo.org for the ebuild to work.

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