Hi William,

On 5/12/20 4:38 PM, William Hubbs wrote:
>  Hi Samuel,
>  this change will apply to all users of the eclass.
>  Overlays are not considered blockers for in-tree eclass work.
> Also, keepin mind that there was a qa warning in place for this issue
> for 3 months, so overlay owners should have been able to see that and
> migrate their ebuilds to EGO_SUM.
Yes, I confirm that I'm aware of that. Thank you for your good work!
>  That being said, if any overlay owner would like my assistance with
>  migrating their ebuilds, I have no problem with showing them how.

No problem from my side, I have already do that.

My concern was about the others, for instance go-overlay that I have

Should it be possible to run a QA check to create a bug request to
remember the update of those ebuilds in the overlays?

This would reduce the bug management task when searching for related bugs.

>  Thanks,
>  William



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