On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 01:48:31PM -0400, Aaron Bauman wrote:
> So, thanks for proving my point that all the tooling changes, notices,
> ML posts, etc don't matter. Someone *will* find something to complain
> about. 
They will also complain about the status quo, you won't win there!

> >2.  The report does not list maintainers, which means nobody is likely
> >to know they have a package on the list.
> >
> Do you argue just to argue? Sad. If someone like Robin (who at one
> point had like 5% of the tree under his maintainer ship) complained
> about that I may see it worthwhile. 
Some of the packages shown on the py27 list I had LONG forgotten that I
maintained: I'll try and get to fixing them now.

I did q-text-as-data this week, because I actually needed it for a quick
project and I haven't used it since I changed my default python away
from py27 last month.

> Just another red herring...
I'm mostly speaking to the QA team here, and Python team indirectly:
Indirectly because the Python team is one of the few teams to step up
and provide QA checks outside of the QA team directly. This thread
however has shown that output of those checks however needs to become
easier to consume.

TL;DR: Please make it easier to search on the QA reports site for
issues, and only show things directly relevant to the search.

A long time ago, there was blizzy's site that listed packages that were
stabilization candidates, and you could filter by developer. It really
helped making it easier to detect and progress.

At a bare minimum, having an on-site way that already expands the data
and makes it searchable by developer.

Have files like https://qa-reports.gentoo.org/output/gpyutils/py2.txt
directly loaded into qa-reports and expanded out (which is cachable) and
then let devs search w/ their browser.

cat/package:slot (reason) (all-direct-maintainers),(expanded-projects)

get-git-file.sh tries very hard to get there for the gentoo-ci output,
needs performance and usability improvements, but it's vastly better
than the py2.txt file already.
Some issues:
- Make it more visible! Right now you have to have a link to it from
  somewhere else, and it doesn't accept a branch name
  returns 404)
- Why does it take 15 seconds to load?
- Add filter by developers (by direct maintainer OR membership in alias)
- Add filter by package/cat
- Add filter by check name
- Machine-readable format should be the same data as human-readable (I
  can't just take the .xml and grep it, it doesn't have maintainers at

> >> See above. Qa-reports will output a very nice list (even a graphic!)
> >of such things. Anyway, yes, I do expect devs to understand their
> >packages state if they maintain it. Don't be so myopic.
> >
> >Well, you can expect whatever you want, and then you can be frustrated
> >out of your mind when 95% of devs fail to meet your expectations.
> >
> I am not frustrated. I will continue to perform the same in intervals to 
> drive the removal of Py2. 
Can we have that graphic in a searchable text format? <3.

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