On July 29, 2020 9:16:31 AM EDT, Thomas Deutschmann <whi...@gentoo.org> wrote:
>On 2020-07-29 09:38, Aaron Bauman wrote:
>> This is exactly how it went before. No one is saying "it's your
>> fault". Fix whatever the issue is and remove it from the list.
>No. You can't drop the bomb and let other fix the damage you created.
>That's not how Gentoo is supposed to work.
>C'mon. You even added net-nntp/sabnzbd to that list again which created
>a lot of drama beginning of this year. Please don't try to say you
>reviewed anything...

Yes, net-nntp/sabnzbd is valid as it still has an ebuild with only py2.7. So 
fix it instead of bitching and being lazy about it. You could have done that 
vice revert the commit. 

Surely, I had a mistake or two in the 108 package list, but other devs have 
already started fixing issues and now have reverted their changes because you 
want to revert something vice fixing it. 

The discussions on -dev outlined all of this before. Further, this is the last 
*big* set for Py2. Of which, most packages will go away. Again, save the few 
and move on. 

I will revert your revert when I return to my laptop. Thanks for nothing. 
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