On Wed, 29 Jul 2020 10:03:47 -0400
Aaron Bauman <b...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> Adjust the mask, drop the ebuild, or simply remove the mask. I would
> happily apologize for a mistake, but reverting something that is
> largely not in error seems silly. 
> Again, this is a massive commit, but it should be the last time. Look
> at the previous sets of masks... impact vs inconvenience was pretty
> low. 

I think you've been told several times already, but impacting users
with a mask (that can't do anything useful about it) and not bothering
to file bugs for developers (that *can* do something about it) is not
the proper way to achieve anything here.

I believe there are a few quiz questions that closely relate to that
kind of impact.

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