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On 2020/08/08 22:57, William Hubbs wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 08, 2020 at 09:17:20PM +0100, Roy Bamford wrote:
>> On 2020.08.08 19:51, William Hubbs wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I would like to propose that we switch the default udev provider on
>>> new
>>> systems from eudev to udev.
>>> This is not a lastrites, and it will not affect current systems since
>>> they have to migrate manually. Also, this change can be overridden at
>>> the profile level if some profile needs eudev (the last time I
>>> checked,
>>> this applies to non-glibc configurations).
>>> What do people think?
>>> Thanks,
>>> William
>> William,
>> With the declared aim from upstream of making udev inseparable from
>> systemd, its not something to be done lightly.
>> That's the entire reason that eudev was necessary.
> Eudev never became necessary unless you are using a non-glibc system,
> and as I said, this can be handled in the profiles.
> Udev  runs completely fine without systemd, so I fail to see how eudev
> is necessary for most of Gentoo.

It actually works is enough reason for me.  Was forced to migrate a
bunch of systems not six months back from systemd-udev to eudev because
systemd-udev is absolutely terrible w.r.t. race conditions resulting in
lockups that kept forcing us into manual intervention situations. 
Mostly on systems with LVM.

I'm completely against the proposal.

>> I would want some convincing that it was not another step on the road
>> to Gentoo being assimilated by systemd.
>> We had this discussion several years ago when the default became
>> eudev. What's changed?
> If systemd folks do make udev inseparable from systemd, then we would
> need eudev to be the default, but as I see it right now, there is not
> a case for it being the default.

Other than that it works and the systemd version does not.  Might be
configuration dependent, but I don't expect a default udev
configuration/system side to not cause LVM breakages when running
commands as simple as "lvs".  eudev in coparison just works.

> Another thing to consider is bus factor (eudev is maintained by one
> person primarily, so I have doubts about its viability as the default.

Yes, this is a problem.

Kind Regards,



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