On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 4:17 PM Roy Bamford <neddyseag...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> With the declared aim from upstream of making udev inseparable from
> systemd, its not something to be done lightly.
> That's the entire reason that eudev was necessary.
> I would want some convincing that it was not another step on the road
> to Gentoo being assimilated by systemd.

So, I really could care less what the default is since it won't impact
any of my Gentoo hosts either way, but this seems like a silly reason
to base the decision on.  IMO it was paranoid years ago when people
first brought it up.  Now it is even moreso considering that years
have elapsed without any grand systemd conspiracy being revealed.  If
their goal was to make it impossible to use udev on its own just to
mess with the 0.01% of Linux users who don't use systemd but do use
(e)udev, I'd think they'd have gotten around to it by now, or at least
they would still be talking about it.

William - can you actually elaborate on WHY you want to change things?
 Is there some problem with eudev?  Is it actively maintained and
generally tracking upstream udev commits (minus whatever they
intentionally don't want to accept)?

I'd be curious as to a list of the practical differences between the
two at this point.  For the longest time the only ones I was aware of
were the de-bundled build system, and the change in the default
persistent ethernet device name rule which was made in udev but not
made (by default) in eudev.  Perhaps at this point there are other


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