Joonas Niilola wrote:
> some of you may already have seen the new page,

I had not seen that - that's wonderful!

I would just request that /packages/ is removed from the start of
package URLs. I understand how this makes request routing more
complicated, but I consider it a significant usability improvement.


> I'm suggesting of adding a new metadata flag to our Wiki's
> User:/Project: page which then prints a message to this page saying
> whether the maintainer (be it project or user), "accepts" or "deals
> with" Github contributions. The wording can be a bit better, but it'd be
> there to **notify** our **contributors** whether their time and effort
> will most likely be wasted making a pull request for this particular
> maintainer.

I think this is a very good feature.

If I ever do become a proper Gentoo developer I will certainly not spend
any time on anything to do with GitHub, and in my current position of
occasional contributor I don't either. The workflow imposed by GitHub
isn't good and it's important to demonstrate other methods.


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