On 8/18/20 8:06 PM, Joonas Niilola wrote:
> So I think it's just simplest to enable it per-user per-project basis.
> We can all edit Project: pages, toggling the flag. If you're willing to
> look and merge sound@ PRs, you enable it for Sound project. However this
> might cause a problem when a member who enabled the flag leaves the
> project, or gets retired. But that's relatively easy to keep a track of.
> As for non-dev maintainers, they **require** @gentoo.org person/project
> to proxy for them. It'd be a start to mirror the project/dev option,
> since they'd be the one committing for non-dev maintainers anyway. Also
> non-dev maintainers can have their own wiki pages to toggle this.
> However I'm not aware if the linking is as simple as with @gentoo.org
> metadata info.
Forgot to add, if you have say 1 person and 2 projects assigned as
maintainers, where 1 does look for Github PRs and 2 does not, it'd still
be flagged as "Yes". Or maybe the majority here wins?

-- juippis

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