Michał Górny wrote:
> Read: it's important to slap users to satisfy developer's wannabes.

LOL! Michał, you managed to squeeze both misrepresentation and ad hominem
into so few words. Please take care. Anyway, you missed my point:

It's important that (the project) developers set accurate expectations
for contributors.

Michał Górny wrote:
> If user puts effort to make a good contribution, the developer
> shouldn't be rejecting it to 'demonstrate other methods'.

Here you confused a couple of different things, maybe you didn't
understand what I meant.

"demonstrate other methods" is something that the Gentoo project does by
enabling choice also in the development process. This is made possible by
self-determined infrastructure in parallel with GitHub. This is important
and valuable both philosophically and practically, and I think Gentoo
should be both proud of it and also proud to present it.

"rejecting" would require an action, that's not the case; we're talking
about simply documenting which developers don't use GitHub, so that
contributions can know the right place to go.

Then there's your opinion that developers should do all that contributors
want. I disagree with that for two reasons:

1. it doesn't scale, and
2. developers too work in their spare time, and choose how they do so

> This is the horrible attitude that kills the project.

In general I think that individual lack of reflection is a far greater
problem than developer workflow choices within community projects.

For Gentoo specifically I think that a fairly small number of structures
are the main reason to rather spend time on other projects - that's off
topic for this thread though.

Assuming good faith and asking for clarification when something seems
negative is always a good idea.


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