Hi all,

Good news regarding packages.g.o!

While the new packages.g.o version went into production some time ago,
this also led to some false warnings about outdated package versions.
This is because we currently take information about outdated package
versions from repology.org, which are not always accurate.

To avoid these false warnings it's now possible to filter the repology
checks. To do so, there is a new git repository called
soko-metadata[0]. The repository contains a folder called repology,
which in turn contains three files:

1) ignored-repositories: You can add repositories that should be
globally ignored for the repology checks for *all* packages. E.g.
Windows only repositories as appget might be disabled globally here.

2) ignored-categories: You can disable the repology check for whole
categories here. The check will be disabled for all packages in this

3) ignored-packages: You can either disable the repology check for a
single package here (e.g. sys-auth/pambase), or disable a repository
for the repology check for a single package here using atom::repo
(e.g.: net-misc/dropbox::void_x86_64). The later option is especially
useful if another distribution creates a non-standard version for a
single package and all versions of other distributions are marked as
outdated because of this (as in the case of dropbox and void linux).

The soko-metadata repository is writable by all devs, so that all
package maintainers are welcome to contribute to reduce the number of
false warnings.


[0] https://gitweb.gentoo.org/sites/soko-metadata.git/

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