thanks for the work around p.g.o! I'd directly like to use your opt out for a
package I maintain in proxied mode:

The following changes since commit b1e0b4c9ec76049631cbb0a2d3798adbce2075ac:

  Ignore net-misc/dropbox::void_x86_64 for repology (2020-08-26 19:14:45 +0200)

are available in the Git repository at:

  https://git.holgersson.xyz/gentoo-related/soko-metadata ignore-mktorrent

for you to fetch changes up to dd823eaaf3f4893b24130360c7ec1c7f22f8b39b:

  Ignore net-p2p/mktorrent for repology (2020-08-27 11:45:34 +0200)

Nils Freydank (1):
      Ignore net-p2p/mktorrent for repology

 repology/ignored-packages | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)


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