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> Is openrc critical to Gentoo? it doesn't live on our infra.
> Is pkgcore critical to Gentoo? it doesn't live on our infra.

Both those things are "things employed by users for their systems".

Neither of those things are integral to any workflow, and are entirely

But when you file a bug, you rely on bugzilla being maintained by
Gentoo Infra, not some 3rd party.

And when you file a keyword/stable request, you rely on a
bugzilla-integrated functionality through nattka to check and verify

Subsequently, whether or not you opted into this, nattka is now
critical to the workflow of everyone doing keywording/stable requests.

You can't really say that about pkgcore or openrc.

But you can say that about the QA Automated Testing service, which
mangles gentoo.git and creates sync/gentoo.git, and reports when people
broke the tree.

And that *uses* pkgcore.

But I'm pretty sure that infrastructure lives on gentoo "somewhere",
and if it doesn't, it should.

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