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> On Mon, 14 Sep 2020 10:15:31 -0400
> Rich Freeman <ri...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> > It might be easier to take smaller steps, such as having a policy that
> > "any call for devs to use/test a new tool/service, or any service that
> > automatically performs transactions on bugzilla, must be FOSS, and the
> > link to the source must be included in the initial communication, and
> > it must be clear what version of the code is operating at any time."
> > That is a pretty low barrier to those creating tools, though it
> > doesn't address the infra concern.  However, it does mean that infra
> > is now free to fork the service at any time, and reduces the bus
> > factor greatly.
> For the situation of things that take life before being part of infra,
> I think the least we can do is recognize their utility and importance,
> and at least, have infra *offer* some sort of shared location to run a
> deployment.
> That I think helps everyone, gives people a place to remove their own
> bus factor, but without mandatory strongarming.

The main challenge is always getting stuff onto infra. The past few things
we have launched have been because the developers in question joined infra
to launch their work.

 - repomirror-ci and all the CI stuff is on infra because mgorny is also on
infra! It's not like we set his stuff up for him; instead we gave him
access to all the infra repos and he had to write his own puppet configs
and whatnot. The benefit of course is that anyone on infra can bump the
stuff and login to the machines and debug...but its not exactly a low bar.
 - packages.gentoo.org was also originally arzano pushing patches to me
(which I would merge and then release by hand.) Just like with ebuilds this
eventually became too tedious and he was onboarded as a dev and infra
member to eliminate the middleman.

I think traditionally it's been a slog for non-infra people to get infra to
host much of anything and due to difficulties with the all-or-nothing
approach we take with infra credenteials; can really set a high bar to host
much of anything these days.


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