On 11/26/20 5:37 PM, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Georgy Yakovlev wrote:
>> I'll be switching default tmpfiles provider to sys-apps/systemd-tmpfiles
>> by the end of the week by updating virtual/tmpfiles ebuild.
> Michael Orlitzky wrote:
>> Corollary: the tmpfiles.d specification can only be implemented (safely)
>> on Linux after all.
> So should virtual/tmpfiles differentiate based on system?

There's no scenario where opentmpfiles is preferable.

systemd-tmpfiles with the fs.protected_hardlinks=1 sysctl is secure on
Linux. On other kernels, you're out of luck -- none of the options are
secure. Securing the service manager on other kernels would require
dropping tmpfiles entirely, and major changes to OpenRC.

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