On Sun, Mar 26, 2023 at 11:57:00PM +0200, David Seifert wrote:
> There's a pattern here of infra or packages added for infra rotting with
> unattended bugs or otherwise not meeting modern standards and then panic
> at the 11th hour when they're last-rited.
The *infra* packages here work fine, and pass their own tests.

> Python and Ruby packages especially *need* tests because of how brittle
> they are. An import can break because of a new or changed dependency,
> for example.
> Instead of asking graaff to revert it, you should fix the package to
> work with modern Ruby implementations and get either its tests in full
> or a subset of its tests running (with a comment in the ebuild
> explaining the situation).
I explicitly said that hiera-eyaml & hiera-eyaml-gpg DO work with Ruby
3.2 even. It's only their test dependency, dev-util/aruba:0 that fails
it's own tests.

So you're implying that we are now responsible to fix the tests of every
package in our dependency tree, and you'll just remove all dependent
packages if we don't do that.

And if that's the case why didn't graaff mask dev-util/aruba:0 in
addition to hiera-eyaml & hiera-eyaml-gpg?

> It is _critical_ that we get into ruby31 or newer ASAP and graaff is
> doing hard work to get us there, especially because of the upcoming
> openssl EOL. Unmasking this would mean we have to keep ruby27 around for
> longer and can't focus efforts on newer Ruby.
I didn't say keep Ruby27 at all. hiera-eyaml in the tree WORKS on Ruby
3.0 & Ruby 3.1, and passes it's own testsuite.

The fix for Aruba:0 is just tweaking the cucumber tag syntax:
"~@foo" -> "not @foo"

I'll do the better fix anyway, making hiera-eyaml use aruba:2 instead, I
really just want better communication that we're now responsible for the
entire deptree's tests.

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