On 8.6.2023 1.11, Alexe Stefan wrote:
> Also, with all this discussion, one can't help but wonder, is
> firefox/librewolf also in such danger?

Maintaining Firefox shares many of the bullet points mentioned above. We
used to provide alpha/beta builds so issues would be caught early and
reported upstream before a release was made. Luckily few years ago
Mozilla invested in a pretty efficient CI system where they now test
commits/releases using multiple different setups; for example, multiple
different llvm releases, gcc etc. That does relieve us from some burden,
but obviously Gentoo ships Firefox with multiple configure options and
something is bound to be broken every now and then. We've made the
choice of only stabilizing the ESR release which takes some pressure
off, because ESR is usually pretty stable between minor releases.

They also happily welcome patches to fix any issues, although new
features may not get in without strong reasoning first.

I'd also like to credit previous Firefox's maintainers in Gentoo who've
historically been active and done a good job while having close ties
with upstream. I'm glad upstream mostly takes us seriously, even with
our ability to heavily customize the build outcome.

Let's hope this doesn't change.

-- juippis

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