On 8.6.2023 13.08, Alexe Stefan wrote:
> Can you build firefox/librewolf with gcc?
> Afaik, you can only build it with clang/llvm.
> Librewolf if the only reason I have clang and llvm on my system.
> joi, 8 iun. 2023, 10:31 Joonas Niilola <juip...@gentoo.org
> <mailto:juip...@gentoo.org>> a scris:
>     Luckily few years ago
>     Mozilla invested in a pretty efficient CI system where they now test
>     commits/releases using multiple different setups; for example, multiple
>     different llvm releases, gcc etc.

Unfortunately Firefox does link to libclang for the web developer tools,
syntax highlight etc so a clang dep is mandatory. You can fully build
the source using GCC though.

No idea about LibreWolf, but I'd imagine it's similar.

-- juippis

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