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> And if not the handbook this should really go into the portage
> manpage.
> bashrc
> If  needed, this  file can  be  used to  set up  a
> special  environment for  ebuilds,  different from
> the standard root  environment.  The syntax is the
> same as for any other bash script.
> + One thing you can do here is define phase hooks.
> + A phase hook function name begins with a pre_ or post_ prefix to
> indicate that it will be called before or after one of the ebuild
> phases. The prefix is followed by the name of the ebuild function that
> the hook will be associated with. + For example, a hook named
> pre_src_compile will be called before src_compile, and a hook named
> post_src_compile will be called after src_compile.

Care to write a patch? (nobody likes to edit manpages)

> postsync.d should also be documented there.

No, as it isn't used by portage itself.

> All in all now that I have looked at the documentation installed with
> portage I think it is obsolete. Not in the sense that it is outdated
> but everything in it is documented elsewhere already or should be
> moved there.

Well, it's horribly incomplete and a work in progress. Eventually it
will replace the manpages (in the sense that manpages will be generated
from the same source). And authorative documentation (which isn't
exactly the same as a specification) should be kept with the
implementation, and that's not the case with the dev handbook/manual.

> If some developers an the list agree with me and welcome me to do so
> then I could file a bug(s) for those changes.



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