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> > 
> > I know there are not a lot of repoman unit tests, but, can you
> > please create some to test this?  That way it doesn't get any worse.
> > 
> > In the PR, you mentioned adding in an editor call to re-edit the
> > message.  This would be a good thing and I know is not that
> > difficult to accomplish.  Is this coming in another patch?
> >   
> I'm still wondering how to implement it best. In particular, how to
> handle the non-EDITOR (stdin) branch?

hmm, yeah, that was not an option for the work tool I wrote and added
the re-edit to.  It had 2 files it needed to edit or re-edit.

In the case of passing in a pre-saved message, that should be left for
the user to fix.

Perhaps in the case of a stdin -m "foo" message we could just let the
user rely on bash their history to bring up that previous command, to
edit before hitting enter again.

Brian Dolbec <dolsen>

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