>>>>> On Wed, 17 Jun 2020, Michael Lienhardt wrote:

> But maybe, "error" here in the PMS mean "the cpvs without the use flag
> does not match that dependency and a warning should be raised to
> improve compatibility in the future". In that case, it would be
> clearer for me to change 'error' in the PMS into something like
> "results in a no match,

IMHO we cannot assume that. If the flag is not in the dependency's
IUSE_EFFECTIVE then behaviour is undefined.

> but should be avoided". That way, it is explicitly stated that missing
> use flags for a 2-style USE dependency is accepted (which is the
> current behavior of emerge) but frown upon, without forcing any
> specific error handling, like Michał accurately pointed out.

The real problem is that we don't have a good procedure for removing
flags from ebuilds with reverse (2-style) use dependencies. (And even
with 4-style use dependencies the problem remains that one cannot know
in advance whether removal of the flag implies that the feature is now
unconditionally enabled, or that it is disabled.)


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