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On Mon, 4 Apr 2005, Harry Putnam wrote:

Bjoern Michaelsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:


man portage shows some of the syntax for `package.use' but apparently assumes a user will know more than I do. For example:

There appear to be a set of default use flags with various pkgs.  In
the instant case... sendmail.

How does one learn what those are?
Just:  `equery uses sendmail', or does that show what was actually
used not just what the defaults are?

Further... if a user adds or subtracts a use flage like this:

 cat /etc/portage/sendmail.use:

 mail-mta/sendmail +mbox +mailwrapper +sasl

How will user now which other flags will be used?  Or must they also
be specified here?  None of the flags that appear when I run:

 `equery uses sendmail' are listed in:

So where do they come from?

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