On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 09:18:53PM -0500, Harry Putnam wrote:
> assumes a user will know more than I do.  For example:
> There appear to be a set of default use flags with various pkgs.  In
> the instant case... sendmail.
This is from man make.conf:
USEE_ORDER = "env:pkg:conf:auto:defaults"
              Determines precedence for incrementing the setting  of  the  USE
              variable.  The above setting will cause the environment (env) to
              override per package (pkg) settings to override make.conf (conf)
              to override auto generated values from merged packages (auto) to
              override make.defaults (defaults).
              Do not modify this value unless you're a developer and you  know
              what  you're  doing. If you change this and something breaks, we
              will not help you fix it.
              Defaults to "env:pkg:conf:auto:defaults".
So these are the possible sources for USE-Flags.
> How does one learn what those are?
> Just:  `equery uses sendmail', or does that show what was actually
> used not just what the defaults are?
> Further... if a user adds or subtracts a use flage like this:
>   cat /etc/portage/sendmail.use:
>   mail-mta/sendmail +mbox +mailwrapper +sasl
There is *one* file /etc/portage/package.use for all packages. Files like
/etc/portage/${INSERTPKGNAMEHERE}.use are ignored. This is why your changes
didnt show up in the equery output.
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