The think is though, in my case anyways, is that the computer that I
read these emails on and usually post from, does not have access to the
WWW. The only access I get is to the company's MS Exchange server. So if
I am having a problem with my server at home, I usually post it and read
the responses while at work on my spare time, so I can't always check
the archives before making a post.

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> From: Shawn Singh [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 1:03 PM
> Subject: [gentoo-user] Gentoo Docs & FAQ: Rules Suggestion
> While it's certain that people join the Gentoo mailing list (or any
> other mailing list for that matter) to get help with the software...I
> think that in some respects some times folks are not being mature with
> respect to the community aspect of the list and in other cases are
> outright abusing the list (which I myself have done as well)
> I think that we should make some rules for the list.
> For example on the BIND mailing list, one of the rules was before you
> submitted a post, you needed to do some research online and check the
> archieves, b/c if you didn't then you got dogged out (and (perhaps)
> rightly so) for it.
> While it is mentioned that there are no official archieves at:
> Folks can find certain answers and postings if they use google...
> This is just a suggestion, and I certainly apologize if I offend
> anyone with it, but I think that we want to maintain the list as a
> center of high quality discussion and information sharing, and not get
> bogged down with redundant issues.
> Shawn
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