You should have a look at purebasic. Inline Assembler is possible here 
too! :-)

You are right C is a lot easier than Assembler.
But Purebasic is a lot easier that C too :-)

Am Mittwoch, 24. August 2005 19:34 schrieb A. Khattri:
> On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Markus [utf-8] Döbele wrote:
> > The code I think is not the problem. But I think it is still a lot of
> > work. By the way I don't like C too much (we had a C Version once and
> > only encountered problems all the time :-( Buffer overflows and all this
> > nice stuff is a big problem of this language!)
> You mean it requires understanding pointers and attention to detail?
> Yes it does.
> An assembly programmer should find C easy (well I did anyway).
> > I started as a Assembler Programmer on the Atari ST (68000 Rulez!!!)
> I started on the 6502, then 68000 then 8086...
> > But all this is too much effort. Purebasic has a very syntax and for a
> > basic dialect a very good performance.
> Shame BBC Basic isn't around anymore - it allowed you to mix assembler and
> BASIC (and that basic at the time was one of the few that allowed
> recursion ;-)
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