On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 18:39, Canek Peláez Valdés wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 11:14 AM, Jarry <mr.ja...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, this works (never heard of this file before). But there is
>> one small problem: no wildcards are allowed, so whenever new sorces
>> come I'll have to edit package.provided again, and again... BTW why
>> should kmod depend on kernel-sources? Or even better, why should be
>> kmod installed, if I have static (non-modular) kernel? 
> Because your use case is not standard. The normal situation for users
> with kmod installed (and you have already kmod installed, since in
> your --pretend run appears as to be reinstalled) is for them to use
> kernel modules. The developers cannot handle every possible
> combination of configurations, so defaults are set for the least weird
> cases, or the common case even.
> Your setup is not the norm; therefore, it depends on you to keep it as
> you like it.
> Regards.
The case is actually quite common; Linux *sources* are only needed for
building kernels on the local machine (and - if used - additional
modules like nvidia-drivers).
Anyone who does not build the kernel on the local machine, e.g. taking
stock kernels from Debian/Fedora/..., kernel provided by
netboot/openvz/Xen domUs or build them remotely will almost never need
linux-sources installed.

BTW this will also add full kernel sources to all stage3 archives,
increasing their size quite significantly.


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