So, I have a week off and have time to mess around trying to upgrade to
Plasma once again.

I have got it mostly-somewhat upgraded, but I have two bizarre problems.

The first one is I have two volume controls in the tray. I have no idea
why, and both seem to present slightly different controls. Could this be
related to pulseaudio?

The second is Thunderbird has lost its window. As in, the app itself
isn't aware of the task bar and its title bar (with
minimize/maximize/close buttons) is missing. This existing before the
restart into Plasma; I closed all the windows I had open (Thunderbird
being one) before rebooting.

Baloo stayed disabled for me with balooctl this time, and it seems
plasma isn't crashing every 10-20 seconds (I read this was fixed back in
May or June.) So now all I have to do is figure out these issues then
try all the other apps I regularly use.

Anyone have any ideas?


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