> For some reason, on one box, whenever I start vim it puts
> ":0000/0000/0000" on the command line. I've looked in vimrc and can't
> see any reference to this. Hitting Enter yields "E486: Pattern not found
> :0000"

I've had a similar issues for the past months with my vim. It was
related to my using the "urxvt" terminal and its TERM variable being set
to "rxvt-unicode".

In my case the effect didn't always show up but only under certain
conditions. I remember having seen a bug report for vim back then but
can't seem to find it right now. There are similar, older bug reports,
however, like this one:


I also remember there was a bugfix to vim back then to fix the issue.
But the version containing the bugfix was not yet stable in portage and
so I've lived with the occasional bug until now. I'm currently using
vim-7.4.769 and I think the bugfix was contained just a few micro
versions later if I'm not mistaken.

Hope this helps you somewhat.

Best regards


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