On 09/22/2016 09:17 AM, Matthias Gerstner wrote:
> Hi,
>> For some reason, on one box, whenever I start vim it puts
>> ":0000/0000/0000" on the command line. I've looked in vimrc and can't
>> see any reference to this. Hitting Enter yields "E486: Pattern not found
>> :0000"
> I've had a similar issues for the past months with my vim. It was
> related to my using the "urxvt" terminal and its TERM variable being set
> to "rxvt-unicode".
> In my case the effect didn't always show up but only under certain
> conditions. I remember having seen a bug report for vim back then but
> can't seem to find it right now. There are similar, older bug reports,
> however, like this one:
> https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=199362
> I also remember there was a bugfix to vim back then to fix the issue.
> But the version containing the bugfix was not yet stable in portage and
> so I've lived with the occasional bug until now. I'm currently using
> vim-7.4.769 and I think the bugfix was contained just a few micro
> versions later if I'm not mistaken.

Hmm, I've just upgraded to vim v8 and it is still doing it. I'm quite


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