On 02/04/18 21:50, Philip Webb wrote:
180402 Dale wrote:
After each period at the end of a sentence, I put in two spaces, not one.
Something I was taught years ago somewhere and still do.
I only put one after a comma tho.
That is correct professional secretarial style, which I always follow too.

I was taught to always start every paragraph with an indent. Which I believe is against "professional secretarial style".

Different horses, different courses. I believe the indent was dropped to save a keystroke, so why the double-space is there (requiring an extra keystroke) I don't know.

And why use secretarial style when you're typesetting? One is for letters, the other is typically for books ... that's the trouble with all this Artificial Stupidity - it blindly enforces rules that are irrelevant (or even wrong!!!) for the current scenario.


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