The obvious solution is to leave a keyboard attached, OR make the computer 
think so with one of the adapters that let you use ps/2 peripherals on a 
machine that only has usb.  They always show up as a keyboard and mouse to the 
computer, even if only the adapter is plugged in.  They have them on ebay etc., 
from $1 up. (a good madscientist)
God bless the rich, the greedy and the corrupt politicians they have put into 
office.   God bless them for helping me do the right thing by giving the rich 
my little pile of cash.  After all, the rich know what to do with money.

7. Apr 2018 17:18 by <>:

> Hi list
> I have a bit of a weird issue.  I recently acquired a used server (Fujitsu 
> Primergy TX140 S1) via a friend of mine.  I have Gentoo installed on it now 
> and overall it works fine save for one perplexing issue [0]: The bootloader 
> hangs when booting without a keyboard attached.  I tried it with both GRUB 
> and 
> systemd-boot (which works nicely in combination with kernel-install); both 
> only work with a keyboard attached.  GRUB hangs when the countdown starts, 
> while systemd-boot hangs when the cursor first appears, but before the boot 
> entries are listed.  In both cases the cursor freezes.
> I'm curious if anybody has seen this issue before and/or has any idea how to 
> solve it.  The only resources I could find online that seem related are [1] 
> (different OS, no resolution, hints at BIOS), [2] (which provides a potential 
> solution, though I'm not sure whether I can actually implement it), and [3] 
> (the patch didn't help).  There was also a related systemd bug at [4].
> I updated the BIOS, but that helped as much as anticipated, that is, not at 
> all (it was at the penultimate version already).  I also tried unplugging the 
> display in case the BIOS was expecting a keyboard then.
> Any help is much appreciated.
> [0] Well, there's a second one, too, but I'll have to see if it shows up 
> again.
> [1] > 
> <>
> [2] > 
> <>
> [3] > 
> <>
> [4] > 
> <>
> Greetings
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> Marc Joliet
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> don't" - Bjarne Stroustrup

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