On Monday 29 December 2008, Dale wrote:
> Norberto Bensa wrote:

> > Do you use evdev?

> This is what I have installed according to equery:
> r...@smoker / # equery list dev
> [ Searching for package 'dev' in all categories among: ]
>  * installed packages
> [I--] [ ~] kde-base/kdewebdev-meta-3.5.10 (3.5)
> [I--] [  ] sys-fs/device-mapper-1.02.24-r1 (0)
> [I--] [  ] sys-fs/udev-124-r1 (0)
> r...@smoker / #
> Point is, the only thing that changes is the kernel.  Same KDE, same
> user, same everything except for the kernel.  Is there something
> different that the new kernels require with regard to udev?  Do I need a
> newer unstable udev installed for the new kernels?

The package/driver is evdev (not udev).

I wouldn't be joining the chorus of disgruntled users pointing at half baked 
kernels with problematic drivers because kernels (for me) have been pretty 
stable for years now.  However, that was before 2.6.27-gentoo-r7.  My problem 
seems to be two fold:

a)Looong delay (around a whole minute or so) waiting on the penguin logo 
before the kernel is loaded and the main boot up occurs.
b)My sound card is not recognised by alsa which barfs and never loads.

I have posted on a different thread (which has not attracted any responses)


and I assume that my kernel problems are not that common in the Gentoo user 
community.  I haven't yet posted a bug on it - but if subsequent kernels do 
not fix it and my confidence that I have not performed some kernel 
configuration error increases I will do so.  After all without bug reports 
how would the devs know what's borked for the users?

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