Hi all,
I'm serving a Geotiff through a standard Geotiff source image warehouse.here 
the gdalinfo output : 
Driver: GTiff/GeoTIFFFiles: example.tifSize is 12420, 9986Coordinate System 
is:PROJCS["NTF (Paris) / Lambert zone II",    GEOGCS["NTF (Paris)",        
DATUM["Nouvelle_Triangulation_Francaise_Paris",            SPHEROID["Clarke 
1880 (IGN)",6378249.2,293.4660212936269,                
AUTHORITY["EPSG","7011"]],            TOWGS84[-168,-60,320,0,0,0,0],            
AUTHORITY["EPSG","6807"]],        PRIMEM["Paris",2.33722917,            
AUTHORITY["EPSG","8903"]],        UNIT["grad",0.01570796326794897,            
AUTHORITY["EPSG","9105"]],        AUTHORITY["EPSG","4807"]],    
PARAMETER["latitude_of_origin",52],    PARAMETER["central_meridian",0],    
PARAMETER["scale_factor",0.99987742],    PARAMETER["false_easting",600000],    
PARAMETER["false_northing",2200000],    UNIT["metre",1,        
AUTHORITY["EPSG","9001"]],    AXIS["X",EAST],    AXIS["Y",NORTH],    
AUTHORITY["EPSG","27572"]]Origin = 
(534892.311252549290657,2471690.869099652394652)Pixel Size = 
(12.500000000000000,-12.500000000000000)Metadata:  AREA_OR_POINT=AreaImage 
Structure Metadata:  INTERLEAVE=BANDCorner Coordinates:Upper Left  (  
534892.311, 2471690.869) (  0d59'33.42"W, 54d42'38.80"N)Lower Left  (  
534892.311, 2346865.869) (  0d58'17.21"W, 53d27'51.07"N)Upper Right (  
690142.311, 2471690.869) (  1d22'27.24"E, 54d42'26.60"N)Lower Right (  
690142.311, 2346865.869) (  1d20'41.75"E, 53d27'39.13"N)Center      (  
612517.311, 2409278.369) (  0d11'19.63"E, 54d 5'28.09"N)Band 1 Block=12420x1 
Type=Float64, ColorInterp=Gray  NoData Value=-9999  Overviews: 6210x4993, 
3105x2497, 2070x1665, 1553x1249, 777x625, 389x313, 195x157, 98x79, 50x40
I built overviews with the gauss downsampling algorithm (and i have tried the 
others but the issue is more or less the same)
My image is served as a WMS tile layer through a basic Open Layers (4) app, and 
the styling is made from sld ColorMaps entries. 
Here is the problem : when zoomed in, some roads look like that (red colored, 
which is normal styling) : 

when zoomed out, they are downsampled  and look like that (something like 
yellow which is used for lower values in my styling) : 


My aim is to keep the "red" aspect of these roads no matter the zoom levels.
I tried to switch the different WMS interpolation methods without any success. 
I hope to find a solution if there's any !


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