Hi all,

I am faced with a problem. I am mapping a database of site logs to
GeodesyML through Geoserver App Schema. I am trying to minimize the number
of new views and tables I need to make in the database so I was wondering
if it is possible to use a single mapping file to map multiple views or
tables to fields contained in a single XML element.

e.g. the XML schema is of the form
    <geo:siteName>The Site</geo:siteName>
    <geo:monumentDescription>This is a monument...</geo:monumentDescription>

I have the data for siteName and iersDOMESNumber in Table1 and the data for
monumentDescription and heightOfTheMonument in Table2. Can I use a single
XML mapping file to map those two tables to the elements of

The two workarounds that I have considered are 1) Making a new
feature-chained mapping file for each element that needs to be mapped
(ugh!) or 2) making a new view or table to bring in any data that needs to
be mapped to the same level of the XML schema.

What would you suggest?

Many thanks!

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