Hello everyone,

we recently tested the WCS of Geoserver. We want to use the service to request 
images in different projections. Our data source is in UTM32N and we requested 
GK3 images with coordinates in GK3. Here is the request:


First we thought it would be a problem of the transformation of the pixels, but 
in our opinion the distortion is too big (3 pixels are missing). Here are the 
parameters of the image generated by the request:

X: 3998 Y: 3999 Bands: 1

Pixel Size

Layer Extent (layer original source projection)
3399999.6508074491284788,5659999.2086437549442053 : 

The resulting image has the wrong Pixel size (should be 5), the wrong extent 
and the wrong dimensions (should be 4000 each direction). Additionally there is 
a small shift in the image compared to the data source. We also run the test on 
the MapServer and received the correct size, extent and dimension.
Are we missing a setting? We already checked the CRS settings in the 
epsg.properties file, but those are correct. Is there any possibility or 
workaround for this issue?
Maybe there is a possibility to snap the pixels to a specified grid?

Kind regards,

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