Patch Set 1:

> do we have a TTCN-3 test case for this in OsmoMSC yet, so we can
 > make sure the feature works as expected?  If not, please provide
 > one (or indicate what is missing in terms of infrastructure to
 > write one).

There is no test for this yet. If we apply the patch we possibly need to change 
the existing MSC tests because the behavior on the MGCP side changes. From what 
I can see so far only the CRCX is actually different. The TTCN3 part must 
expect a wildcarded CRCX and then return a specific endpoint. The rest of the 
code should then use this endpoint, so from the CRCX on everything should stay 
the same. 

The new code uses rtpbridge/*@mgw as endpoint scheme, thats also a difference 
between the old and the new way.

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