Patch Set 5:

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File src/osmo_ms_driver/

Line 107:     def start_mobile(self, loop):
> Can now be called start(), as it's already in the mobile class.
You are the maintainer but I wouldn't do it:

* start is too generic. Good luck finding the right method with git grep. ;)
* As you pointed out the virtphy and mob are two very different things (and 
launched at two different phases of the test process) and we don't benefit from 
the "start" polymorphism. By definition they are not compatible/the same (in 
terms of duck typing) and by not having the same methods it will fail with an 

If you want to pick a common name I would pick: launch_process. It describes 
what it is done (launch a process), one can git grep for it, and most likely it 
will stay the same (we continue to launch processes).

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