Patch Set 5:

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File src/osmo_ms_driver/

Line 107:     def start_mobile(self, loop):
> You are the maintainer but I wouldn't do it:
* What's the issue with it being generic given that is called from a known 
class? Usually you have 1 class per file, so if you know the object, just grep 
for "start(" in the class file.

* I asked you to call it start() because it was already being called 
start_mobile(), if you had called it launch_process_mobile() I would have 
pointed out that it would make more sense to have it called launch_process(), 
because imho if you are in class Foo, it doesn't make sense to have a method 
do_foo() but better call it do(), as foo is already known from the object. In 
our objects used for tests we usually have a public API called start() because 
we don't care about whether it creates a process or not underneath, everything 
is managed internally by the object. Even more, in the Modem (ofono) class, we 
only have a connect() signal which does all the initialization and starts 
registration, because so far we didn't need other steps (basically because the 
modem attempts to connect to the network as quick as it is powered on). That 
being said, if other implementations require more fine grained actions/steps, 
we can improve the API used in osmo-gsm-tester tests.

So, to keep it in a similar fashion with other existing objects (bts, bsc, 
msc), for future inclusion it would be nice to have it called start() too, and 
add that API to the Modem object (in ofono we'd probably keep doing everything 
in the connect() anyway).

As it's not yet merged with the other osmo-gsm-tester stuff (different 
directory) there no hard requirement on how to call it, but for later inclusion 
it may ease already providing similar naming.

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