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There is power available at all the locations where a speaker might be
placed but absolutely no way any cables can be trailed between
speakers.  In other words I need a wireless system with in-built
amplifiers.  I am assuming Bluetooth but could use wifi. The problem as
I see it is that I only want one channel at each speaker.

I can't help with your audio problem, but just wanted to point out that 
ethernet adapters are also an option. I've used them before in areas where I 
run a cable & they work very well.


Hi and many thanks to Geoff and all who have replied including those who have 
PM'd me as they have together improved my perspective of options. The several 
questions and points raised are most helpful.  The space is now used as small 
restaurant (about 36 covers) and for small functions so configuration of 
seating and audience changes depending on purpose and until recently covid 

Only two speakers installed flush in ceiling at transition with conical roof and all 
others removed for change of use.  I agree that there is no point in trying to create a 
"stereo" sound image and so am just trying to think through what would be the 
simplest mono configuration.  I now only have stereo amplifiers but several available and 
in various powers.

The cable option is not acceptable so I am thinking of independent bluetooth 
speakers.  Room size and environment is not likely to result in signal acoustic 
timing problems and all that is required is background music rather than PA.  I 
shall start looking at what speakers are available which would fit into the 
site environment.

Thanks to all,

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