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A wirelessly connected stereo pair is possible (at least according to a 
marketing director), 

I'm pretty sure a stereo *system* could operate wirelessly. But given the
discription and use of the space I doubt it would generally be possible to
*hear* a stereo image[1] - except perhaps in one or few 'lucky' locations.

So this depends on the aim/use, I think.

If the OP wants to sit in a specific place and hear stereo there, not
caring about anywhere else, then trying for stereo may makes sense. But if they
just want everyone in the space to hear music sound OK, then I suspect that
stereo 'replay' as such is irrelevant. More a matter of getting a decent
overall sound in the places where people may sit.


[1] Note that by 'image' here I don't mean the effect of having the sounds
come from instruments/voices "hung on a line between the two speakers". I
mean the more dimensional sense of place, distance, and acoustic you can
get from something like an excellent recording of an orchestra. Few people
get to hear this from a 'stereo' setup as it isn't easy to obtain. Due to
the lack of simple distinguishing terms I've had to use 'stereo' above
in more than one way, alas.

[2] i.e. different things seem to come from different directions.

Hi Jim,
I posted on the site you suggested.  Hope I chose the right list so will find 
out soon enough.
Many thanks for your several comments and advice.
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