Hi Chris,

> INFO: Skipping 'iplayer' version
> It would seem to be a Beeb problem and not something you're doing, or
> not doing ;-)

Thanks.  I notice that

   ‘We have removed the feature on the spindle bush which can be harmful
    to dogs if consumed in quantity.  We do not advise planting in an
    area that is accessed by dogs who are unsupervised.’

Perhaps the editing of the programme means the normal ‘iplayer’ version
of the subtitles, which is the only remaining version in the default
list for which a check is done, isn't available but some other version
is, one which isn't in get_iplayer's list of versions.

Though if I play the programme on the iPlayer site, no subtitles appear
and I don't see a way to turn them on but then playing in the browser is
not normally something I do.

It's probably a ‘Beeb problem’, as you say.

Cheers, Ralph.

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