As a Grumpy old man one of my pet hates are these contact forms, especially when you are trying to help or if its technical you've already tried most things before you "write in".

That said, working in IT service I've seen the garbage that can come in on an internal service desk. So on a public facing one trying to qualify the issue and get people to self help really does focus the resource where it is actually needed. Hopefully that doesn't mean they then reduce the resource, but it's the real world we live in.

On 26/09/2022 09:28, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
Hi Mark,

It's probably a ‘Beeb problem’, as you say.
In some of these cases of technical iPlayer slips/omissions,
e-mailing the BBC gets them fixed fairly promptly.
I did try emailing an old address I had for them but it auto-replied
with a ‘We don't listen here any more’.

I've now finished spending fifteen minutes finding a means of filling in
a ‘Contact Us [if you're a masochist]’ form, lying about the mandatory
phone number, verifying the email address, etc.

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