On 30/10/2023 10:39, Budge wrote:
On 30/10/2023 09:58, Chris Walker wrote:
On Mon, 30 Oct 2023 09:35:21 +0000
Budge <aje...@errichel.co.uk> wrote:

I have been trying to get the current repeat of As You Like It (BBC4
TV) and have an error message I do not understand:-

The BBC Television Shakespeare - As You Like It, BBC Two, p014jvqc
INFO: 1 total programmes

WARNING: No media streams found for requested programme versions and
recording modes.

I think the clue might be in that line. I've just tried to grab it and
it downloaded around 145MB of audio and then started on the video
before I killed it. So I would suggest that you look at the format(s)
you've specified for the download. The program dates from 1978 so could
it be that the format you've specified wasn't available then and the
file hasn't been modified for current modes? Just an idea!

If it helps, my preferences line shows this :-

Hi and many thanks for the replies.  Short story is I find have no prefs set after system rebuild.  Will try and sort this out and many thanks for the help.

I was able to retrieve my old options file from an older installation but it was well out of date so have rebuilt my prefs and now have:-

refreshexcludegroups = local
        tvmode = fhd,hd,sd,web,mobile,default
        radiomode = high,std,med,low,default
        refreshexclude = CBBC,CBeebies,Radio 2,Radio,1
        type = tv,radio
        atomicparsley = /usr/bin/AtomicParsley
        output = /home/alastair/Downloads/BBC_GiP_Downloads
        refreshinclude = Radio 3,Radio 4

This doesn't work and my pvr list which includes "Beck" the TV programme also downloads several radio programmes with names which start with Beck but are from radio stations I didn't want ie:-

32522:  radio, Becky Measures - 01/10/2023, BBC Radio Sheffield, p0gd3ch9
36658:  radio, Rob Beckett - El Loco, BBC Radio 2, m001qv02
36659: radio, Rob Beckett - Pranks, cranks, and a joke for the Yanks, BBC Radio 2, m001r0ds
36660:  radio, Rob Beckett - Richard Osman sits in, BBC Radio 2, m001r91r
36661:  radio, Rob Beckett - Richard Osman sits in, BBC Radio 2, m001rgfc
36662:  radio, Rob Beckett - Richard Osman sits in, BBC Radio 2, m001rp9c
INFO: 6 matching programmes

How may I prevent this which didn't happen previously please?


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