> The existing mmap semantics of SBUS/Sparc framebuffers, as used by all
> existing Sun framebuffer support in the X server and elsewhere, is the
> interface we provide for SBUS framebuffers.  And these use /dev/fb.
> These semantics were around long before GGI was even conceived.  If
> you want to support Sun framebuffers in GGI you will need to mmap them
> just as we do in the Sparc X server code.  We are not going to break
> all of our existing X servers and other support code just to adhere to
> these supposed /dev/fb rules.

No problem. Personally I like to make GGI work on Sun OS with fbdev as
well as linux fbdev for sparc. The question then is much much different is
the linux fbdev API from Solaris fbdev API.

> As for resolution changing, you currently get one resolution and that
> is it.  Users can change the resolution to get a different console
> layout or what X gives them via OpenPROM variable setting from the
> boot firmware command-line.  F.e. on my Creator3D + Sony 24"
> wide-aspect monitor I say:
> ok setenv display screen:r1920x1200x70
> And it just works.
> We may implement resolution changing at some time, but my personal
> feeling is that letting the boot firmware take care of this was
> one of the nicest blessings for our X server support, the user
> doesn't need to specify magic video timing mode lines etc. for Sun
> video cards.

This is a very very nice feature. What happens when you try to set a
ridiculous mode?

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