> > > No ! LibGGI works on any platform that has fbdev or X or SVGAlib. 
> > Sure, ...
> > GGI-fbdev never worked fine on my AGA based amiga. 

We have _never_ received any feedback on this. We cannot fix a problem that
we do not know about. Please join our mailing list and report the problems 
and help us to find a fix for them.

We are usually very responsive to bug reports, so if something does not
work, please report it.

> And that aside from the keyboard problem on some of the demos.

This is not a LibGGI issue usually. We use standard techniques for accessing
the Linux console keyboard, just like X and SVGAlib do. Maybe hindered a
little as we do not require suid root, but we do the same. If that breaks,
other systems are likely to break as well.

I am aware of some keyboard issues, but those can not be fixed without
touching the kernel.
We have demonstrated with two different systems how this could be fixed.
That's all I will say about this topic.

CU, Andy

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