> > What is the difference between KGIcon and KGI, if there is one?
>The KGI driver system itself is designed to be portable across platforms
>(both hardware- and OS-wise). KGIcon is a wrapper around the KGI drivers
>that will let them look like normal fbcon drivers for the Linux kernel
>(hence the name).
>KGI 0.0.9 - which is maintained by Steffen Seeger - is a massive intrusion
>into the Linux console subsystem which sets quite some things right and 
>allows to use more features of modern graphics cards.
>It will need some updating of the drivers, but we will try to merge kgicon
>and KGI 0.0.9, so that you can use KGI drivers on both stock and patched
>Linux kernels.

hmm, is the resason that I haven't been able to get KGI to work because it 
only has the driver for permedia, and all the others are in KGIcon?

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