On Sun, 19 Dec 1999, Firstname Lastname wrote:
> hmm, is the resason that I haven't been able to get KGI to work because it 
> only has the driver for permedia, and all the others are in KGIcon?

Yeah, probably :).  The older, obselete KGI 0.8 had more drivers, including 
a few that didn't make it into KGIcon.  The KGIcon driverswere ported from 
KGI 0.8, and work has been done on them to start making them look more like 
KGI 0.9 drivers, so they can then be easily ported to KGI 0.9.  I expect, not 
to put words into his mouth, but given Steffen's blistering pace lately, that 
he'll announce a pretty fully functional KGI within the next few months and 
that the drivers will be ported faster than you would think possible as soon 
as that happens :).


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