Could somebody explain me how are the red, green, blue, (alpha) values
stored in 16 bits/pixel (ZRGB1555), 8bits/pixel palletized formats?
Yes, there are others like ARGB4444, but the above ones are the
most important for me at this moment.
  I need this for my work on ViRGE 3d accel.
  When the above problem will be solved I'll have accelerated line and
triangle func. So I'd like to ask if somebody is working on the memory

To Jon: Should be possible to have generic accel target in Mesa tree, 
       which will use the predefined functions e.g draw_triangle(...),
       draw_line. Of course these will be wrappers to mesa functions.
       I think it would be possible. If the card will not have these
       functions then it will use the generic ones. Do you understand me?

Bye, Martin

p.s.: Sorry if it's offtopic.

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